Why isn’t there an easy way to shop local... online?

Wild, right? There should be, but there isn’t. Why not?

Turns out if you ask yourself that question enough times, you end up asking it out loud.

Then suddenly, you realize you’ve gathered a small team of skilled people who care about their local communities and also want to know the answer to that question, who then proceed to create this thing that should already exist but doesn’t. Before you know it, you’ve launched a pilot, seen it grow and thrive and be embraced by the community it lives to serve. And by the time other cities start asking about why there’s no online store for their town, your “thing” has turned into a company that intends to help them answer the very same question that you started with. And that company is called Nearby. (That’s us!)

The Team

Nearby is a Public Benefit Corporation, which is a special type of corporation in which intended benefits beyond shareholder value could be stated at the outset.

The benefits we pursue are (1) the economic opportunity of small business owners and (2) the use of our platform to effect positive climate change. What's good for our local economies is also good for the planet, and we believe there are software solutions which can help level the playing field for local businesses to serve both. We are a team distributed across North America, and each of us have a passion for building software which rates highly in function and form. As of this time, many of us have never met each other in person (due to the pandemic) but our culture is one in which people can bring their full, multi-dimensional selves to the office (Slack and Zoom, mostly) and we value working in an environment which is welcoming and offers a healthy dose of levity. If you’re curious about the world, motivated to help your own community and those around the world, and can help us build great software, we’d love to hear from you.

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